Long Road to Redemption

When I was younger I had a vision of how my life would turn out. I can tell you through all my experiences that this is not it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and done more harm than good it seems. I never wanted it to be this way and for the most part […]

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A Reflection in Time

I recently spent sometime in my hometown and decided to go on a hiking adventure. Something that I used to do very often when I lived there. I stopped at some locations to reminisce about the experiences that I had there. So here are some of my stories and photos that I captured along the […]

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Music Fuels the Savage Beast

In this life we are no different than any other mammal on this planet. Slave to the fact that we are creatures of habit. For some of us the desire to rise above the norm and set forth a new path of discovery can be a difficult one when not nurtured by positive values. Leaving […]

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You see I do this thing I like to call #pauseforthemoment. Whenever I’m watching a movie or tv show and i have to pause it for some reason (bathroom break or snack time). So it has to be spontaneous. Im left with some whacky images, that i then capture with my camera. Which becomes #pauseforthemoment […]

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